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Pedagogical Projects

These are internally funded projects in support of teaching, research in teaching, and enhancing research environment activities.

[FacultyConference:2015, PI] Project Name/Description: A Faculty wide conference and training program for postgraduate research students in Faculty of Technology. Role: Principal Investigator Source of Funding: University Training Fund (The Graduate School) - De Montfort University Total: £3300

[GameEngine-TIF:2013, CI] Project Name/Description: The DMU Game Engine: this project was led by Dr. Ian Kenny (PI) and I provided the AI expertise. Role: Co-Investigator Source of Funding: Teaching Innovation Funding (TIF) - De Montfort University Total: £5000

[RoboCup-DMU:2008, PI] Project Name/Description: DMU RoboCup Team – Arena equipment: a team of master degree students created DMU AIBO Football team. Eventually we had two teams of robots playing against each other. The students then put a show at the Institute of Creative Technology (IOCT) building. My role was to guide the team technically and I used the project to introduce the students to some complex software code and advanced programming techniques. Role: Principal Investigator Source of Funding: Research Into Teaching Faculty/HEFCE RITI fund - 2007/08 Total: £500

[LegoAnts:2005, CI] Project Name/Description: 50 Lego RCX educational robots were purchased and utilised in teaching programming to HND students as part of innovative research into teaching initiative. Role: Co-Investigator, facilitated the purchasing of the robots with my colleague Mr. Clinton Ingram and assessed him in setting up the robots for the purpose of teaching programming using a visual programming language. A dedicated area in the HND lab were also set up. Source of Funding: Research Into Teaching Faculty Funding Total: £10,500

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