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Undergraduate Subjects

IMAT1910 Game Prototype Development

CSYS 2055 Multimedia Architectures

CSCI2012 Intro to Mobile Robotics

CSCI3406 Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge Based Systems

CSCI1601 Games Architectures and Design

CSCI2604 Entertainment Games Computing and Robotics

CSCI3404 Advanced Mobile Robotics (2003-2010) (Module Leader)

TECH3015 Multimedia Animation Production

TECH3001 Electronic Publishing & Production III

CPRJ3451 Final Year Project

Postgraduate Subjects

CTEC5601 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

CTEC5602 Machine Learning

IMAT5234 Applied Computational Intelligence

COMP5100 Induction (Comp/IT]

COMP5121 Mobile Robots

COMP5222 Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems

COMP5233 Intelligent Mobile Robots

COMP5724 Advanced Research Topics in Software Engineering

IOCT5001 Module for MA Creative Technology (Research Methods)

IOCT5002 Applied Research Methods

COMP5301 MSc Projects/Dissertations

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