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Undergraduate Subjects

CSYS 2055 Multimedia Architectures

CSCI2012 Intro to Mobile Robotics (2002-2005) (Module Leader)

CSCI3406 Fuzzy Logic and Knowledge Based Systems

CSCI1601 Games Architectures and Design

CSCI2604 Entertainment Games Computing and Robotics

CSCI3404 Advanced Mobile Robotics (2003-2010) (Module Leader)

TECH3015 Multimedia Animation Production

TECH3001 Electronic Publishing & Production III

CPRJ3451 Final Year Project

Postgraduate Subjects

COMP5100 Induction (Comp/IT]

COMP5121 Mobile Robots (2004-2008) (Module Leader)

COMP5222 Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems (2003-2007) (Module Leader)

COMP5233 Intelligent Mobile Robots (2004-2010) (Module Leader)

COMP5724 Advanced Research Topics in Software Engineering

IOCT5001 Module for MA Creative Technology (Research Methods)

IOCT5002 Applied Research Methods

COMP5301 MSc Projects/Dissertations

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